CASE news 6th May 2010

May 06, 2010

  1. CASE Seminar: God Beyond Borders

The seminar will consist of an introduction from the Director of CASE, Prof Trevor Cairney and an address by Dr Andrew Sloane who wrote an article in the magazine titled ‘Love and Justice in International Frame’.

Dr Sloane’s talk will then be followed by discussion of the theme of the issue and the ideas outlined in the various articles.

Pre-reading? People who RSVP will be sent a free copy of Case 22 as pre-reading for the seminar

Cost? Free

Location? Morling College, 120 Herring Road, Macquarie Park, 2113.

Time? 6.30-8.00pm, Monday 31st May 2010

  1. Latest posts on the CASE Blog

In our CASE blog we seek to engage with issues and ideas that are relevant to contemporary life. We welcome your comments and feedback. Some of our recent blog posts are:

  1. Case # 22

Our latest edition of Case Magazine #22 is on the theme “God without Borders”. Our hope for this edition is to bring a range of theological and other disciplinary approaches to bear on the problems of life and the overlapping of local, global, national, and international spheres.  How do we make sense of the various layers of community, solidarity and ethical relationships created by the relations of these spheres?  What new historical conditions has globalization brought about?  We have a great list of articles and authors including: Stanley Hauerwas, Andrew Sloane, Matthew Tan, Luke Glanville, Erin Goheen, John Shellard, and reviews by Stuart Barton Babbage and Andrew Errington.

Become a CASE Associate to receive your copy of Case #22 and the subsequent three issues of Case magazine. By becoming a CASE associate you will also receive discounts/free entry to CASE events and will have access to associates-only resources on our CASE website. To find out more about becoming a CASE associate member click here .

Hope you enjoy our latest offerings,

Trevor Cairney

Director, Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education (CASE)

New College, University of NSW, 2052.

Ph: +61 2 9381 1999 F: +61 2 9381 1909.

Articles are provided for research, citing, printing for private use and for linking to other resources. If you wish to use multiple copies of articles, please request permission.

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