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CASE Director & Editor - Prof Trevor Cairney

Trevor is the Director of CASE as well as being Master of New College UNSW. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He has held senior academic positions in a variety of universities and has written widely in the fields of English Education, learning and family studies. From 2016, he has also been the Chairman of Business NSW.  Trevor founded CASE in 2002 to be a centre for Christian scholarship and education, with the purpose of exploring the importance and place of Christianity in today’s world. Trevor writes papers, edits the Centre’s flagship publication and runs the activities of the Centre.

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Co-Editor & Production Manager - Dr Dani Scarratt

Dani is the CASE Co-Editor & Production Manager (part-time). Her responsibilities relate to assisting the Director with the editing and production of The CASE Centre’s flagship publication - Case Quarterly. Dani’s background is in philosophy, with particular interests in epistemology, the history of natural law theory, and early modern philosophy. She is also interested in the big questions about how Christians are to live in the world, and in a Christian understanding of Old Testament Law. Dani has taught philosophy at Sydney university, and written papers for various publications.

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Guest CASE Authors

Over 150 Australian and interantional Christian authors have been guest contributors Case Qaurterly. The CASE Centre seeks out authors who are trusted and highly qualified experts in their field so that we can bring our readers informed Christian perspectives from a biblical standpoint on a wide range of contemporary issues facing Christians in the world today.

Regular CASE Authors

In 2016 the Centre introduced an expert team of Regular CASE Authors to address eight staple topic areas in every issue of qaurterly publication and in the Online Library.

The CASE Editorial Advisory Group

The CASE Editorial Advisory Group consists of a Christian volunteers who meet several times each year to discuss and review the content of previous CASE issues and to suggest themes, articles and authors for future publications. This diverse group includes theologians, ministry-workers, academics and lay people.


The Centre for Christian Apologetics, Scholarship & Education is a ministry of New College, which is a residential college at The University of New South Wales. The Centre’s administrators are staff from New College.

Prof Trevor Cairney (Director & Case Editor)

Dr Dani Scarratt (Co-Editor, Case Quarterly)

Emma Nelson (Sales & Subscriptions)

Edwina Hine (Sales & Subscriptions)

Jonathan Billingham (Websites & Events)

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