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CASE Director & Editor - Adjunct Professor Bill Peirson

Bill is the Director of CASE and Master of New College and New College Postgraduate Village, UNSW. Bill was the Dean of New College for two years, and was appointed Master towards the end of 2016. He has had over 30 years professional and research experience in water engineering. Bill has held senior lay leadership roles in a variety of churches for over 40 years. He is an enthusiastic supporter of Scripture Union Family Missions and Crusaders. Over his two years as Dean he was working to see New College actively engaged with these and other evangelistic ministries. 

You can explore articles by Bill in the CASE Online Library.

Assistant CASE Director, Editor & Production Manager - Dr Dani Scarratt

Dani is Assistant CASE Director, Editor & Production Manager (part-time). Her responsibilities relate to assisting the Director with the editing and production of The CASE Centre’s flagship publication - Case Quarterly. Dani’s background is in philosophy, with particular interests in epistemology, the history of natural law theory, and early modern philosophy. She is also interested in the big questions about how Christians are to live in the world, and in a Christian understanding of Old Testament Law. Dani has taught philosophy at Sydney university, and written papers for various publications.

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Assistant CASE Director, Editor & Production Manager - Rev Dr A.J. Culp

A.J. Culp serves as the Dean of Studies for New College Communities and Assistant Director of CASE. In this capacity, he gives oversight especially to the intellectual life of the community, cultivating student excellence and continuing the New College legacy of Christian cultural engagement. Prior to coming to New College, A.J. served as Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Languages (in the U.S., U.K., and Australia) and as a theological educator in the local church. He remains active in scholarship, holding various research appointments and writing at the intersection of Scripture, education, and formation.

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Guest CASE Authors

Over 150 Australian and international Christian authors have been guest contributors Case Quarterly. The CASE Centre seeks out authors who are trusted and highly qualified experts in their field so that we can bring our readers informed Christian perspectives from a biblical standpoint on a wide range of contemporary issues facing Christians in the world today.

Regular CASE Columnists

In 2016 the Centre introduced a team of CASE Columnists to regularly address eight staple topic areas in Case Quarterly and the Online Library.


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