CASE News 6th March 2012

March 06, 2012

  1. Case Magazine: Telling Stories

‘Once upon a time…’ We love stories, whether they be true or tall, epic or trivial, fantastic or everyday, tragic or happily-ever-after. As people we are constantly telling stories, but our stories are also part of what makes us who we are as people. The next issue of Case magazine will be about stories: stories to live and learn by, stories of hope and tragedy, stories and apologetics, and secular parables.

  1. New College Lectures 2012: Imagining the Kingdom

The 2012 New College Lectures will be presented by Professor James K.A. Smith from Calvin College in the USA. This year they are in May (23rd & 24th) instead of our traditional September timeslot.

The theme for the Lectures will be Imagining the Kingdom: On Christian Discipleship and Action. The work that Professor Smith will address relates both to his forthcoming book ‘Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works’, as well as a previous publication ‘Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview and Cultural Formation’.

  1. CASE & AEC Conference:  Education as Formation

Sat, 26th May, 9am-4pm

On the Saturday following the Lectures, New College will host a joint CASE and Anglican Education Commission (AEC) conference on the theme ‘Education as Formation’. The keynote address will be delivered by Professor James Smith on the topic Educating the Imagination: Christian Education as a Pedagogy of Desire.

For more information on both events please consult the New College websitehere.

  1. Latest posts on the CASE Blog

In our CASE blog we seek to engage with issues and ideas that are relevant to contemporary life. We welcome your comments and feedback. Some of our recent blog posts are:

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