CASE News: 4 June 2009

June 04, 2009

  • Case 19 - The God of Science - soon to be published
  • New audio and video resources
  • Latest posts on the CASE Blog

1. Case 19 - The God of Science

We’re putting the final touches to Case 19 - The God of Science, and hope it will be a thought-provoking and useful edition for our CASE associates. The articles in this issue include:

  • an exploration of naturalism and the biblical worldview by Kirsten Birkett,
  • a discussion of God and evolution by Denis Alexander,
  • an examination of the question of whether belief in God is a purely psychological phenomenon by Michael Murray,
  • a consideration of the role and limits of science in moral reasoning by Lewis Jones,
  • and, in a follow-up to Case 18, a look at architecture and its end by Cameron Blair.

If you are not a CASE associate and would like to become one (to receiveCase 19 and three future issues of Case magazine), you will find all the information you need here. CASE associates also receive access to associates-only resources on the website and discounts to CASE events.

2. New audio and video resources

  1. Audio from Medical Ethics Conference

On the 21st March 2009, CASE ran a conference focusing on significant issues in the ethically-charged field of medicine. The conference programme ran as follows:

  • Dr Andrew Cole: Why Should Christians be Interested in Ethics in Medicine?
  • Dr Megan Best: Ethical Issues at the Beginning of Life
  • Dr Patrina Caldwell: Medical Research Involving Children
  • Dr John Dearin: End of Life Issues - Euthanasia
  • Dr Mel Cusi: Victorian Abortion Legislation: Where Does Conscientious Objection Fit In?
  • Melinda Tankard Reist: ‘My Soul Died When My Baby Died’: The Grief of Abortion

The MP3 of Andrew Cole’s talk is available to be downloaded. MP3 audio files of most of the rest of the conference are progressively becoming available for CASE Associates only.

A CD containing MP3 audio files of most of the conference will also be available for purchase for $15 or 2 for $25 (including postage and handling in Australia). To pre-order a CD (they should be ready next month):

  • Call 02 9381 1999 with your postal address and credit card details.
  • Send a fax to: 02 9381 1909 with the subject ‘CASE medical ethics CD order’ and include your name, postal address, credit card details and number of CDs you would like.
  • Send a cheque (payable to ‘New College’) to: CASE medical ethics CD order/New College/ UNSW, Sydney 2052/ NSW. Please remember to include a note with your name, postal address and number of CDs you would like.

To listen to Andrew Cole’s talk click here.

To listen to the other talks (if you are a CASE Associate) click here.

  1. Interview with Professor Trevor Hart - God and the artist

In 2008 Dr Greg Clarke interviewed Professor Trevor Hart (Professor of Divinity and Director of the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts in the University of St Andrews) on the topic of God and the artist. You can view the interview (in four segments) here.

3. Latest posts on the CASE Blog

In our CASE blog we seek to engage with issues and ideas that are relevant to contemporary life. We welcome your comments and feedback. Our latest blog posts are:

Professor Trevor Cairney Director, Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education (CASE)

New College, University of NSW, 2052. Ph: +61 2 9381 1999 F: +61 2 9381 1909.

Articles are provided for research, citing, printing for private use and for linking to other resources. If you wish to use multiple copies of articles, please request permission.

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