CASE News 9th December, 2011

December 09, 2011

  1. Case Magazine: Selling Christmas

Christmas: it’s used to sell just about everything, from dresses to drills, peaches to Playstations, and cards to… well… Case magazine! Is the retailer’s dream also the Christian’s nightmare, or is it a unique opportunity to share God incarnate with the world? Should Christians withdraw from this often far-from-holy public holiday (not to mention, for Australian Christians, a far-too-Northern-Hemisphere snow and holly-day), revel in it, or find alternative ways to celebrate it?

These are some of the issues explored in the latest edition of Casemagazine, along with the question of whether the incarnate God of Christmas carols is just too strange to believe today, the value of celebrating a shared Christian calendar, and why we include Three Kings in nativity scenes. We hope you enjoy reading and thinking about Christmas this Christmas.

We would like to extend our apologies to Case Magazine subscribers for the late arrival of this issue. Our printers have had to postpone printing due to Christmas demand. However we are assured it will be in your mailboxes before Christmas, and we hope you have a chance to enjoy reading it over the holidays.

  1. Case for Christmas – Special Offer!

Case Magazine subscriptions are a great gift idea. Subscribe on behalf of your friend or family member, and they will receive four issues of CaseMagazine throughout the year and CASE Associate Membership.

As a special offer, all gift subscriptions between now and the end of December will receive two free back-issues of Case Magazine of your choice* (valued at up to $27.90) – one to wrap with a gift certificate for the recipient, and one as a gift to you to thank you for supporting CASE.  Simply fill out the subscription form here. (Back-issues will be sent to the purchasers address.)

* Subject to availability

  1. New Perspectives on Anglican Education

Hot off the press is a new book by CASE Director, Trevor Cairney, written together with Bryan Cowling and Michael Jensen. The book, New Perspectives on Anglican Education: Reconsidering Purpose and Plotting a Future Direction does exactly that—it re-examines the purposes of school education with an eye to developing a pedagogy suitable for implementation in Anglican Schools.

For more about the book and its aims see the recent CASE blog post on Anglican Education (link below).

  1. Latest posts on the CASE Blog

In our CASE blog we seek to engage with issues and ideas that are relevant to contemporary life. We welcome your comments and feedback. Some of our recent blog posts are:

Thanks for supporting CASE. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and that it may be a time of rest and thankfulness as we reflect on God’s blessing and kindness to us in the gift of His Son.

Trevor Cairney

Director, Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education (CASE)

New College, University of NSW, 2052.

Ph: +61 2 9381 1999 F: +61 2 9381 1909.

Articles are provided for research, citing, printing for private use and for linking to other resources. If you wish to use multiple copies of articles, please request permission.

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