Poem: Fontanelle

January 30, 2005

Poem: Fontanelle


Strange, this seeing
the heart in the head.
Look, a drumming
in the cranium,
a tom-tomming
against the membrane
where the bones are
yet to meet and knit.
May they never
knit entirely, son. 
 May head and heart
beat in unison
always, as now
in your fontanelle.
-Andrew Lansdown 


A small green bird is hopping
up the grey trunk of a river gum.
The tree leans toward the water.
A duck floats on its reflection.

The climbing bird knocks a fleck
of bark into the water. The duck
inspects it then paddles away.
The Chinese poet Tu Fu wrote,
“After the laws of their being
all creatures pursue happiness.”
Watching the birds, the dragon-
flies, it occurs to me that Fu
is quite wrong. Apart from man,
all creatures simply are happy.
No duck ends the day with regret.
We alone aspire to something
Other. And we alone fall short.
- Andrew Lansdown


Poems read at the conference and available in the recently published collection, Fontanelle. It can be purchased at http://www.api-network.com/cgi-bin/page?publications/books/1741280745.api.

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