CASE Quarterly 09 - In Your Right Mind: Christianity and Psychotherapy




  • Christian Violence?: a review of Must Christianity Be Violent? Reflections on History, Practice and Theologyby Kenneth R. Chase and Alan Jacobs (eds) (Byron Smith)
  • Sound Out Philosophical Idols: a review of Graven Ideologies: Nietzsche, Derrida and Marion on Modern Idolatryby Bruce Ellis Benson (Drew Dunstall)
  • Review:Christ, the One and Only: a global affirmation of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ by Sung Wook Chung (ed) (Greg Clarke)
  • Review:The Christ Files by John Dickson (Greg Clarke)
  • Review: Everything You Wanted to Know About God (but were afraid to ask) by Eric Metaxas (Greg Clarke)

New Angle

  • Involved, Not Silent: The New College Lectures on Church and State (Mark Fairfull)

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