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September 19, 2016

From the Director

As our readers know CASE hosts conferences and seminars as well as producing publications in the Public Theology space. We are hosting a major conference for chaplains and in fact anyone interested in pastoral care on Saturday 26th September. The key details follow. Many will have seen our most recent edition of Case Quarterly that is still available as a single issue (see below). This has received a wonderful response with many of our readers referring the publication on to others.
Please don't miss the conference and check out 'The Bible's Story' (two articles are free to download).

Professor Trevor Cairney
Director, Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education (CASE)

The way Christians practise pastoral care reflects their beliefs and values about this important aspect of Christian ministry. Individuals, churches and Christian organisations that take the time to immerse themselves in a solid theological framework for pastoral care are better prepared to identify needs and provide practical and sensitive support when opportunities arise. Theological assumptions affect, for better or worse, the decisions that Christians make about which pastoral opportunities to seize and which skills to develop.

Powerful Words is a conference that will help Christians develop a deeper understanding of how to minister to people at times of special need, loss and vulnerability, and offer a safe place to explore issues of meaning and belonging. The keynote address by Dr Rhys Bezzant, topical seminars and a live radio-play will explore how faith, love and hope inform pastoral relationships and practices.

The Powerful Words conference will be helpful for Christians seeking to provide pastoral care in their community, workplace or church and for those working as an official chaplain. Register yourself or a group for the Powerful Words conference and invest in your capacity to provide effective pastoral care.

Keynote Address by Dr Rhys Bezzant
'Our Days and God’s Years: Pastoral Care in Times of Change'
In Psalm 102, the fleeting days of human life are set in the context of God’s timing and his power to make a difference. With reflection on the importance of individual care in the course of Christian history, in this talk from Rhys Bezzant we will learn how to value our opportunities to serve our neighbour in pastoral settings.                
CASE Study & Seminar Leaders

Seminar 1 - David Pettett (Prisons)
Seminar 2 - Peter Ellem (Hospitals)
Seminar 3 - Peter Frith (Mental Health Chaplain & Disaster Recovery Chaplain)A radio-play performed live 'The Job Verbatim: What not to say' based on The Bible – Book of Job and produced by Kate Bradford.

Cost: $65 per ticket 

Your ticket gets you:
Admission to all sessions of the conference
Coffee on arrival, morning tea and lunch
Bookings close on Tuesday 22nd September.

For more information visit or email or phone the CASE Office at New College on 02 9381 1999

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Joint CASE-ISCAST Lecture by Prof Tom McLeish

Faith in Science?  On the relationship between faith, wisdom and science

Tom MLLast night Prof Tom McLeish spoke on the relationship between faith, wisdom and science as he visited Sydney during his Australian tour.
Prof Tom McLeish drew on the content from his book entitled "Faith and Wisdom in Science" and challenged much of the current “science and religion” debate as operating with the wrong assumptions and in the wrong space. He concluded that science is at the heart and part of the Christian world view, and that the roots of science are very old and are a part of the "healing" narrative of the bible. Finally he proposed removing the false opposition of science and faith.

This was the final CASE/ISCAST presentation for 2015. We  will publicise the 2016 CASE/ISCAST seminars in an upcoming Case Newsletter.

Past talks joint CASE/ISCAST presentations can be found here
More audio files including past new College lectures can be found here


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