Case News 1st June 2011

June 01, 2011

  1. CASE Quarterly Seminar

Case #27 is progressing well, and will contain a number of articles dealing with natural disasters and the challenges they pose for Christians in the world. Should Christians defend God’s justice in the face of earthquakes, cyclones and the like, and if so, how? Does the media report on disasters in an ethical way, and how can Christians make a difference? How have Christians interpreted natural disasters throughout history?

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  1. ISCAST – CASE Lecture

CASE and ISCAST (Institute for the Study of Christianity in an Age of Science and Technology) are delighted to invite you to the following lecture.

How we became human from the beginning. The current evidence and what may a Christian make of it?

Emeritus Professor Michael Knight

7:30pm, Monday July 18th, Main Common Room, New College, UNSW

Michael is an Emeritus Professor of Hydrogeology at the University of New South Wales.

  1. New College Lectures

Make sure you have the New College Lectures in your diary. This year we are doing something a little different, and have invited three young theologians working in Australia to offer their perspectives on ‘The Future of Theology’.

The Future of Theology

Rev Dr Michael Jensen

Prof John McDowell

Rev Dr David Starling

27th – 29th September, 2011.

For more information, contact Jonathan Billingham.

(02) 9381 1740

  1.  Latest posts on the CASE Blog

In our CASE blog we seek to engage with issues and ideas that are relevant to contemporary life. We welcome your comments and feedback. Some of our recent blog posts are:

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