CASE News 19 Dec 2008

December 19, 2008

  • New CASE website now live!
  • A CASE conference designed to stimulate, provoke and inform ... Medical ethics: Christian perspectives on life and death
  • Living and Dying Ethically (Case 17)

There has been much activity recently at CASE. We are thankful that our new website is up and running and that the latest issue of Case magazine is back from the printer. We are looking forward to our first CASE conference in 2009 on the important topic of medical ethics. We hope that in the midst of the often frenetic pace of Christmas you have time to rest and reflect on the momentous event of the first Christmas. More news from us in 2009.

1. New CASE website:

We hope you find our new website easy to explore. There are now many new features, including special access to many resources for CASE associates. Look out for the opening of the CASE discussion forum in February 2009.

2. CASE conference on medical ethics: Saturday 21st March 2009

We are excited about a one-day CASE conference that is planned for the 21st March next year on the topic of Medical ethics: Christian perspectives on life and death. This is our first attempt to bring to Sydney a forum where those interested in a biblical approach to the very topic issue of medical ethics can meet like-minded colleagues.  The conference will cover a broad sweep of ethically issues in the medical field. We think it will be a vital day for students and practitioners in the health professions, for Christian workers and indeed, for all Christians.

Topics are:

  • Why should Christians be interested in ethics in Medicine?
  • Ethical issues at the beginning of life
  • Medical research involving children
  • The ‘euthanasia debate’: clarifying the issues, the notion of autonomy and a Christian response
  • Victorian abortion legislation—where does conscientious objection fit in?
  • ‘My Soul Died When My Baby Died’: The Grief of Abortion

There will also be a panel consisting of the day’s speakers when participants can ask any questions to do with bioethics.

The conference will run from 8.30-4 and will be held at New College in Sydney (UNSW). You can download the conference brochure from our website here.

3. Living and dying ethically (Case 17)

Our next issue of Case magazine (Case 17) is out. Case 17 focuses on medical ethics. Issues covered include ‘Bioethics and the future’, principle-based ethics, beginning- and end-of-life issues and a thought-provoking off-the-topic article critiquing 21st century educational attitudes and practices.

Become a CASE Associate to receive a copy of Case 17 and the subsequent three issues of Case. By becoming a CASE associate you will also receive discounts/free entry to CASE events and will have access to associates-only resources on our website. To find out more about becoming a CASE Associate click here.

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