Listen to James K.A. Smith Lectures on 'Imagining the Kingdom'

July 04, 2012

While the New College Lectures are over for another year you can listen to our 2012 lecturer in a recorded special edition of the Encounter Program on Australia's Radio National on Saturday July 7th at 5.00pm (EST). The program was titled 'The devil has all the best stories' and is available for download HERE.

You can also listen to the full lectures by accessing them on the New College website HERE.

The ABC program was presented by David Rutledge and was based on parts of Professor Smith's two New College lectures delivered in Sydney on May 23rd & 24th, as well as an interview with David Rutledge recorded in the ABC studios just prior to the lectures.

Professor James K.A. Smith spoke at the lectures on the theme ‘Imagining the Kingdom: On Christian Action’. He was invited to Sydney to deliver two lectures, as well as a plenary address to the ‘Education as Formation’ conference. He is Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College (Grand Rapids, USA). He is the author of many publications including his widely acclaimed book ‘Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation’.

The 'Education as Formation' conference was run by New College under the umbrella of CASE, in association with the Anglican Education Commission (AEC) and, the Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation (SASC). You can read my report on the 'Education as Formation' conference in a separate post (HERE).

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